Promotion of Migrant Children’s Health Service Access in Samut Sakhon, Thailand


  1. To support the provision of rights of the migrant children, born in Thailand and accompanying their parents who have come to work in Thailand, that they can adequately access the health rights,
  2. To raise the migrant workers’ conviction of the need to properly and legally register their children’s birth in Thailand,
  3. To promote the establishment of the migrant workers health volunteers groups in their communities,
  4. To develop the capacity of the migrant workers health volunteers and groups in providing necessary health assistance to migrant children, and
  5. To launch campaigns that state agencies adequately treat migrant children with no discrimination.


Scope of Project Implementation

  1. Conducting surveys 10 communities in Meung Samut Sakhon District on migrant children who were born in Thailand, without birth certificates and who accompany their parents and have no basic rights to health services provided by the public health service centers.
  2. Based on collected data, grouping the migrant children, born in Thailand, into various sub-groups of children with no birth certificate and those accompanying their parents with papers to identify themselves to be able to access the basic rights, especially the health services.
  3. Developing capacity of health migrant worker-volunteers and their groups in order to set up practical groups to provide health advice to migrant worker mothers that they understand the need for birth registration and certificates for health service access.
  4. Producing manuals for migrant workers, especially pregnant women, on how to register child birth to obtain birth certificates to be able to access health services.
  5. Carrying out workable measures to ensure that all health-related agencies provide migrant worker children with basic health services with no discrimination whatsoever.



The German missionary agency for children